About The Chrestos

So many people ask, "Why this name . . . Chrestos?" We get it. It is not a word that is used in normal conversations. We could have named our resort something like Sunset Cape or Chamber's Creek Cottages, right? This would have made total sense.  But this name, Chrestos, means something to us.  This place means something to us.  We never intended to develop it as a resort.    We didn't know when we bought the land that one day we would own and sell tiny homes at a dealership called Cowtown Cottages.  We didn't know God would choose us to help countless people with these affordable housing solutions.  We didn't know we would transform our little slice of lakefront heaven into a tiny home resort, but God did.  
The original intent for this land was simply a place for our family to seek refuge, a place to connect and recharge. Its purpose was to strengthen our resolve in facing the challenges of raising kids  in a world hell bent on removing heavenly perspectives. For our family, this was to be a sacred space  where technology is silenced so that creation can speak and hearts connecting around a campfire can be heard. This is still our vision for the land, only now we are offering it to be of use as a sacred space for you as well!  
With all this said, selecting the name became a weighted step in the process. We really wanted the name to represent  the goodness of God in our lives and in this place.   There are so many stories of the Lord's faithfulness  that allowed this opportunity to come to fruition. In our wildest dreams, we could have never imagined any of this. Goodness is an understated term for the magnitude of what God has done. But His goodness is where we'll start and where we will land. We discovered the word "Chrestos" was rooted in God's goodness. It's meaning defined as "well-fit for use (for what is really needed), a kindness and goodness that is also serviceable." It went on to say it was "meeting real needs, in God's way and in His timing." This explanation became the prized treasure from our hunt. The simplicity of our desires summed up in one little Greek word. Chrestos.